How our client has successfully launches the first official, Informative Website about Hypertension in Vietnam






Organization Size
10.000+ employees

2016 - Present

Everything starts when.

Hypertension (or high blood pressure) has become an alarming threat for people all around the world, and within Vietnam in specific. That is when our client, in collaboration with the Vietnam National Heart Association, decide to build an informative website to raise awareness of the “silent killer”, and provide official information, encouragement for affected people.

However, launching a normal website doesn’t seem to be an ideal solution as:

  • Vietnamese people are already bombarded with information from various unofficial sources, and easily get confused.
  • A large proportion of patients with hypertension are elderly people and rural residents, who hardly have access to the Internet or any other sources besides word-of-mouth.
  • We aim to spread a positive message – that everyone can still manage and enjoy their life with hypertension.
  • There has never been any website / project with such magnitude for hypertension in Vietnam. 

Together we stand.

Upon receiving brief of the program, Starseed has devised an all-encompassing digital marketing plan to reach users via 2 channels: Website and Facebook fanpage.

01. Website

  • We build – where users are categorized into 3 groups (people need prevention, people just diagnosed with hypertension, people currently under treatment) with tailored content.
  • All information are displayed with few text and impactful illustrations, so that users easily absorb important points.
  • We design risk calculators, FAQ, blog section etc. to increase interaction and help users adapt to hypertensive life with ease.
  • The overall tone is friendly, optimistic and full of hope, exactly like the messages of the program.
  • We are dedicated to building a forum for patients to send questions, share moments in their hypertensive life and seek for mutual support.

02. Facebook Fanpage

  • Our social and content teams communicate with users via an imagined figure called “Đốc tờ Tư” – an old, friendly and Vietnamese-style doctor.
  • Explainer videos are frequently produced and uploaded. The content focus mainly on giving advices, simple exercises for hypertension etc.
  • Facebook posts adapt a casual tone to trigger conversations and suit users from all walks of life.
  • We recently launch Facebook livestreams, where users can directly discuss and give questions to doctors, experts.

Goals we proudly achieve.

After a year of execution, has witnessed tremendous growth


increase in the number of visitors


organic search increase in a year


bounce rate decrease + reach industry standard


blog pageview increase in a year


Facebook fans and counting

"Thanks to these goals and achievements, Starseed is just informed to renew the contract and prepare for further development of the program. With the support from our client and the Vietnam National Heart Association, more doctors / experts will get involved in our project (livestreams, content authorization, forum and Facebook interaction etc.), and the program is expected to expand from digital channels to onsite community activities (e.g. national-wide free hypertesion check)."