Let’s talk about conversion, not likes

Our playgrounds: Facebook Ads, Google Search, Google Display Network

Advertising for awareness

Starseed will help your brand to become a top of mind with digital advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness among your targeted audiences. But be aware of “passive likers” and pay attention to “silent people” ready to take action.

After the launch of a campaign, Starseed conducts surveys to analyze the results about campaign awareness, brand perception and actions.  

Starseed can provide:

  • Digital advertising campaign: strategy, concept and execution
  • Media planning and daily monitoring of the advertising

Advertising for lead generation

Lead generation is the key to increase your business results with digital. Starseed develops creative activities and related advertising to generate qualified leads for your brand.

Starseed can provide:

  • Lead generation strategy and activities (tests, vouchers quiz, ebooks…)
  • Media plan and advertising execution
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Advertising optimization

With a daily monitoring and systematic AB testing, Starseed can have a clear vision of what is working or not. It helps us to keep on optimizing advertising in order to increase the conversion rate and decrease the cost per lead.

Results can be very impressive with small fixes: the cost per lead can decrease from 20% to 50%.

Starseed can provide:

  • Daily monitoring of multiple advertising campaigns
  • AB testing
  • Optimization
Adv optimization

Solutions to stop paying advertising

Advertising is not everything. To get better business results, the answer is not always to increase advertising budgets. In fact, the goal is even to stop advertising and increase organic visibility with better SEO or a large chatbot audience.

Starseed can provide:

  • Strategy and tools to reduce advertising budgets (SEO, chatbot…)
Solutions to stop advertising

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