Our creativity for your business goals

Strategy is not about persuasion, it is about getting business results

Branding strategy

Starseed can advise any brand willing to implement an international or local strategy, from defining and adapting their core message to planning their digital transition.

In term of design, message positioning, short or long term campaign, our team works with clients all over the world in order to put digital at the heart of their global strategy.

All to reach not only brand awareness, but mainly business results.

Starseed can provide:

  • Creation, adaptation and follow up of a digital strategy
  • Guidelines and visual identity

360° Campaign

For big and busy companies, it’s sometimes easy to lose the control of strategy and go wild. We can work with those brands to define a concept, plan and follow up a strategy, insuring you that the plan will be executed perfectly, measuring business results.

Starseed can provide:

  • Offline / online strategy
  • Multiple media campaign execution
  • Events

Digital consulting

The digital field is changing fast, every day. It’s sometimes challenging to follow all the new tools and trends. Working with Starseed will bring you the benefit of a team up to date who monitor and experiment on a daily basis.

Starseed can provide:

  • Strategy for a website, social networks, advertising
  • Training about digital good practices

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Let's talk about conversion, not likes

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Content is King, only if it converts

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  • Social Content
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Design UI/UX

We design your conversion

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • UI/UX Design


Many formats for all your needs

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  • Facebook Ads Video
  • Full Motion Video
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IT Development

We build, we test, we optimize

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