Video for brand awareness and lead generation

Many formats for all your needs

TVC Product

Do you want to be live on TV? Starseed produces television advertisement videos for brand awareness and corporate communication.

Starseed can produce TVC videos for:

  • Advertising on TV
  • Advertising on elevator and building LCD display screens

Video for Website

For your website, Youtube channel, or any other digital channels, we created videos with a lot of different angles: Vox Pop, English lessons, product promotion, corporate communication…

Starseed can produce website videos to:

  • Explain a concept
  • Introduce a campaign or a product
  • Create a website activity 

Facebook video

Facebook is a powerful tool to promote your videos. Starseed develops Facebook ad videos, following carefully Facebook guidelines: very short and dynamic format, understandable with and without sound, with text and subtitles.

Starseed can create Facebook videos for:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation

Full motion video

For your explainer videos, no more shooting! We can draw and animate everything you need.

Starseed can produce full motion videos to:

  • Explain a concept 
  • Introduce a product or a service, even if we don't have assets

3D video

Do you want to impress your audience and 2D is not enough for you? No problem, our team is also specialized in 3D videos for your animations.

Starseed can produce 3D videos to:

  • Impress your audience 
  • Explain a concept with more realistic visuals
  • Innovate with augmented reality

Frame by Frame to video production

Know the rules, so that we can break the rules with twist.

Over the years, we have devised a comprehensive procedure for video production - animation and live action alike. It could be easily customized and adapted to unique demands, but is normally comprised of 8 steps:

Grab a drink

Script & Content

Style & Storyboard

Graphic or Shooting

Voice Over


Sound & Music

Delivery & Support

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