Design your conversion

A good design needs to be efficient before being nice

Graphic Design

Our philosophy on design is to stay clean, modern and deliver the message with the best conversion possible.

The keyword is efficiency. The design is the best tool to deliver a message in his maximum potential and convert the end users.

Starseed can provide:

  • Brand & corporate identity
  • Brochures, flyers
  • POSM, billboard…

Web design

Starseed is specialized in digital design. Every month we create hundreds of designs that help our client to deliver their messages and reach their goal, creating, Improving or following guidelines of the brand.

Our designers are all trained on marketing and have to monitor and analyze their design results in order to become result oriented designers.

Starseed can provide:

  • Full website design, mobile or web applications
  • Landing pages, web games
  • Website banners, advertising, social publications

UI/UX Design

Starseed has developed a strong knowledge about design’s efficiency and conversion. Commonly called UX/UI, we are working on the best ways to present an information and to increase interactions with the user.

To improve our performances, we like to do A/B testing and compare the results of multiple versions of a page, a form. We learn about the user behavior, select a winner and optimize.

Starseed can provide:

  • Design for website, web application, mobile application
  • Advertising design for Facebook, Google Display Network
  • Design of social media posts

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Creativity for your business goals

  • Branding strategy
  • 360° Campaign
  • Digital consulting


Content is King, only if it converts

  • Copywriting
  • Social Content
  • Online Repulation


Many formats for all your needs

  • TVC Product
  • Video for Website
  • Facebook Ads Video
  • Full Motion Video
  • 3D Video

IT Development

We build, we test, we optimize

  • Web Development
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application