Our History

Starseed. Still we rise

From game journalists to digital marketers. From impossible to desirable.

It is said that you cannot make history without a story. And here is our story of failure and success, hindrance and breakthrough, challenge and conquest – all to pursue perfection, innovation and self-development in each project. It is the spirit that first inspired two French game journalists to apply new mindset in digital marketing. It is still the spirit that unites Starseed teams and spearheads our digital marketing campaigns in Vietnam.    

Once upon a time...

The obstacle that started it all

Jay and JB are two game journalists who have gained years of experience in the game industry. The passion, and sometimes the adventure mindset, had encouraged them to collaborate and pioneer a game magazine called….After 6 months of preparation, the first draft had been published, yet didn’t bring expected results. Little did they know that the obstacle actually heralded for something much more significant!


The game is on!

Unhindered by the first obstacle, Jay and JB moved on with their passion for the game industry, this time with a game development company. And here came our beloved Starseed. Starseed soon gained popularity in France and their flagship product – King Kong – is a must-try game among game fanatics.


Starseed in Vietnam

Following the success and development of Starseed in France, JB had made a decision of his life: recruiting talents in Vietnam to support his team. The trip turned out to be much more fruitful than expected and soon they welcomed the establishment of Starseed Vietnam with 7 technical specialists.


A new chapter with digital marketing

A year is not a long time, but it is enough for JB to realize the promising landscape of digital marketing in Vietnam. Their experience in UI/UX and user behavior isn’t necessarily limited to the game industry, but an innovative approach for the digital marketing campaigns.

Without further ado, the first marketing team at Starseed was recruited and ready to take on new challenges.   


Tremendous growth and counting

From the humble team back in 2012, Starseed Vietnam is now the home of more than 50 talented individuals with expertise in Digital Marketing, Web & Mobile Development, Design and Video Production. We are meticulous to get things done, and creative to get things done uniquely.


At Starseed, every day and every project contribute to the story we love to share with you. The next chapter, we hope, could be yours to claim.